Your Role

Become a healthy mobile phone user.

Your Role

Most of us share a common goal of creating a society of healthy mobile phone users, and we have provided ways which are created on the basis of mental, emotional, social and spiritual health. While we work together to achieve this, our combined efforts and attention will result in a mutually beneficial creation. 

Thus, it is a great moment to invite you to get some amazing results in accepting the 100 Days Foster Harmony through social media platforms. 

While encountering mighty challenges of life, people need to nurture great wisdom, clarity and inner harmony within themselves and project those onto society. Let’s begin from the self, projecting it onto the nation, and ultimately spreading it throughout the world. 

Creating Network

By creating mindfulness on the importance of healthy usage of mobile phones on social media platforms, we hope to create a network of individuals who would work selflessly with the sole objective of creating a harmonious relationship between the living humans and non-living mobile phones.  

How to Join the Network

Click the Network Harmony button and fill in and submit the form that appears. You will receive an SMS from us with the website’s link. Take time to forward it to your friends and relatives and request them to contribute their time by accepting the challenge. Inspire them to become a representative like you. 


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Follow Us

Follow Us

An Invitation

Creating a society of healthy mobile phone users, requires a collective effort and can be achieved by taking small steps toward fostering inner harmony in our daily lives. Thus, while distinguishing your significant role as a contributor to the campaign of healthy mobile phone users, we request you to join us via Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, WhatsApp and the mobile application – created on the basis of conserving emotional, mental, social and spiritual health.

Statistics of Sri Lanka begining of 2023


    6.55Mn Users


    7.04Mn Users


    1.40Mn Users

Contribute to Fostering Harmony for 100 days daily via the following platforms :

. Experience Harmony – Install this Application to experience harmony on a regular basis
. Explore Harmony – Follow this FaceBook page to comment on the daily memes
. A Minute of Harmony – Subscribe this YouTube channel to view videos of 60 seconds
. Raja yoga for Harmony – Follow this instagram page to learn Rajayoga for self realization
. Network Harmony – Join this Network to spread the vibes of the campaign
. Channel Harmony – Follow this watsapp channel to be updated for 100 Days
. Harmony Hub – Visit this Website to find all information and links
. Celebrate Harmony – Generating awareness via Public events
. Reaching out Harmony – Inviting leaders of society and public to join the campaign
. Practice Harmony – Emphasising on practice via Organized programs
. Meditate Harmony – Self-Checking via meditation at our meditation centres islandwide