Experience Inner Harmony

for 24 seconds on a regular basis

Inner harmony creates harmony in my outside world

Understanding the real self creates inner harmony

Connecting the real self with the Supreme Source of Energy enhances inner harmony

Energizing soul by connecting with the Supreme Light enhances inner and outer harmony

Using this Application

• You will get chances to Experience Inner Harmony three times a day based on Your Inner Harmony Plan configuration.
• In each chance you will be able to view and listen to a video of self realization followed by another video of self empowerment.
• Each video will play for 24 seconds.
To view and listen to the first video of self realization press and hold button without moving your finger.
• If you move your finger the video will stop playing.
• If you have successfully completed the first video of self realization, press enhance button for the second video of self empowerment, to enhance your Inner Harmony.

Your Inner Harmony Plan

This configuration is needed in order to participate in the Inner Harmony Experience. You can always change the preference any time in settings.
• Select Language. your preferred
• Select your Harmony days Experiencing
You have to select minimum one day per week. You can select multiple days.
. Select your Harmony Time Experiencing
You can choose all three or one / two of the suitable times for you to experience Inner Harmony.

Features of the Mobile Application

Step 1
• Enjoy a visual with harmonious music and words of wisdom for 24 seconds to realize the self
• Receive today’s prediction of your harmonious behavior

Step 2
To enhance your experience of inner harmony, energize the soul for another 24 seconds
• Enjoy another visual with harmonious music and words of wisdom for 24 seconds to empower the self
• Receive today’s prediction of your enhanced harmonious personality

Daily rewards

For the first successful completion of both the videos, you will get a prediction of your quality and your personality respectfully, which is going to make you experience harmony that particular day.

Weekly rewards

For the successful attempt of each self realization video, you will get a Silver heart.
For the successful attempt of each self empowerment video, you will get two Silver hearts. When you get Nine Silver hearts
you will get a Golden heart. When you get Seven Golden hearts you will get a Diamond heart.

My Harmony Account

You can create new account manually or using Google Login.

Creating manually

• Click on the Create Account.
• Fill in the details in the Create My Harmony Account page.
• Click on Create My Harmony Account.
• You will receive a verification email.
• Go to your email and click on the verification email link to create My Harmony Account.

Creating using Google account

• Click on the Login with GOOGLE button.
• Choose your preferred Google account to Create Harmony Account.