I Can't Meditate.

I can’t meditate with my eyes open, what should I do?

That’s OK. Open-eyed meditation is something to be practiced gradually. Some people find it difficult at first. Begin with your eyes closed, then try opening your eyes for a little while. Make sure you have something to look at that is conducive to meditation. You can click here for a useful meditation image.

I can’t concentrate in meditation

I keep falling asleep

I keep ‘seeing things’ when I meditate

How long should I meditate for?

How often should I meditate?

Where should I meditate?

How do I know if I’ve meditated or not?

Who is meditation for?

I have a mental health condition. Will meditation be good for me?

Do I have to believe in God to meditate?

Experience Meditation

release your wings – meditations

At mealtimes

Before you eat, you can sit for a moment, meditating on the good fortune of having food to eat and with the understanding of how our thoughts affect our food, what we think, do and become. Filling our food with powerful thoughts of gratitude and grace means we feed ourselves too, with all good things.

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